Guy's Client Service Commitment

Selling your home is serious business. Guy takes his work very seriously and is dedicated to his clients. When you list your home with Guy, you can be assured Guy will make the process as efficient and effortless as possible with meticulous attention to every detail of the transaction.  

The following is a list of 20 important services that Guy provides when working for you!!


Evaluating Your Home

1. Guy knows the current real estate market in your neighborhood so that he can establish a realistic, competitive price on your home.

2. Guy knows how to add sales appeal to your home at a low or moderate price if necessary.

3. Guy knows how to calculate your approximate net proceeds from the sale based on the numerous types of loans, outstanding loan balances and closing costs that you are responsible for.


Marketing Your Home

4. Guy knows where to find prospective buyers and how to market your home for  maximum exposure. With a background in advertising, he writes effective ads; advertise in numerous publications to reach all buyers, and personally inform all producing real estate agents of your property and its characteristics.

5. Guy is available to take the time that showing your home entails; handle all phone inquiries; make all appointments; show the property to both buyers and agents; and complete appropriate follow-up.

6. Guy also deals with the nuisance calls and nuisance visits. Guy does not waste his time or yours by dealing with unqualified buyers.

7.  Guy is familiar with any unique selling requirements in your neighborhood such as special zoning requirements; local restrictions, etc. There are potential liabilities if you inadvertently misrepresent the property. Because of this Guy suggests allowing him to be present when you fill out your property disclosure form.


Qualifying Prospects

8. Guy knows how to determine if your buyers are “more curious than serious.”  Guy makes every effort to be present at all showings of prospective buyers with or without their real estate agent.

9. Guy knows how to qualify your purchaser before the contract is signed. Guy does not recommend accepting a pre-qualification certificate. He recommends a pre-approval certificate from the purchaser’s financial institution. There is a vastdifference between the two. 

10. Guy will not allow your home to be taken off the market or tied up by a purchase and sale agreement from a buyer who is not prepared to perform and close on your transaction within the time agreed upon by you.


Negotiating the Contract

11. Guy prides himself on his objectivity in responding to criticisms by the buyer and their agent in negotiating offers and counter-offers, until an acceptable agreement is reached. It is important to keep emotions out of the transaction and deal with the business issues.

12. Guy is experienced in the various sales contracts and makes sure they are correctly written. This is extremely important in today’s market. Many real estate companies have begun adding their own addendum forms instead of using the generally accepted MLS forms that we all are licensed and approved to use. These purchase and sale addendums are generally written for the benefit of the buyer, and in some instances are not in your best interest as a seller to sign and agree to. You could find yourself in a legally or financially undesirable position. It is imperative that your agent knows and understands the purchase and sale agreement being presented by the buyer’s agent.

13. Guy knows what elements are necessary for a binding contract.

14. Guy coordinates the home inspection date with you and is present during its entirety. Guy does not wish to hear second-hand information, or have a minor problem elaborated on in hopes of the buyer obtaining a new sales price or requesting unnecessary repairs.

15. Guy understands the need for maximum earnest money and under what circumstances it should be forfeited or returned to the buyer. He makes certain we have a strong and binding contract.\



16. Guy is familiar with the 30 to 40 different types of home financing methods and loans available today and help you decide if the buyer’s type of financing is in your best interest.

17. Guy understands the fees involved in various loans and how they may affect your sale and net closing costs. He recommends you avoid these types of financing conditions.


Closing the Sale


18. Guy knows when the buyer’s appraisal of your property should take place and is present at the appraisal to assure that the buyer’s appraiser understands the neighborhood and the values associated with it. Guy is ready to furnish the buyer’s appraiser with the necessary comparable sales in your area if he is having difficulty in arriving at your agreed sales price. In today’s market, this has become an important service from your listing agent. He must be able to back up his values. 

19. Guy makes sure the buyer and seller are clear as to what “conveys” with the home. This may seem inconsequential, however, it is not. There are numerous examples of closings delayed and in some instances not taking place because of miscommunication of exactly what is included in the sale. 

20. Guy makes certain that you are familiar with the closing documents and process. He notifies you when you should expect your escrow packet requesting lenders names, loan numbers for payoffs, and how you desire receiving the proceeds from your sale.


As a seller you will come to quickly appreciate the many services Guy provides for his clients. Your home is probably the single largest investment you have ever made and you deserve every opportunity to realize the greatest return from it.